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Our group has been founded on 9/12/2010 in the framework of the VIII Congress of IACL, on the common initiative of Victor Bazan, Sandra Liebenberg and George Katrougalos.
Its main aim is to develop a network and a forum for constitutionalists interested in social rights from countries throughout the world. Among its activities will be, inter alia, the development of comparative research projects on topics to be decided collectively, advocacy and public Interest litigation on social rights issues and further involvement to related activities of IACL.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Slow but steady

 An understanding that social rights need the advocacy we all can bring to bear in ensuring its realisation is germane. Importantly, using the law as a tool in driving accountability and responsibility both from the government and individual are very important steps to take in this bid. For instance, the right to education viewed in most African countries as unjusticiable hinged on the resource debate is slowly but gradually fading away. This slow but consistent success is achieved by the information on the various legal provisions with the global and regional human rights systems that protect the right to education.

Hopefully, national jurisdiction will key in to the emerging jurisprudence and ground the promotion and protection of this all important right.

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