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Our group has been founded on 9/12/2010 in the framework of the VIII Congress of IACL, on the common initiative of Victor Bazan, Sandra Liebenberg and George Katrougalos.
Its main aim is to develop a network and a forum for constitutionalists interested in social rights from countries throughout the world. Among its activities will be, inter alia, the development of comparative research projects on topics to be decided collectively, advocacy and public Interest litigation on social rights issues and further involvement to related activities of IACL.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our first project

Dear friends,
Happy New Year!
I think we should start discussing our first project. I look forward to hearing other ideas.
I would suggest, for beginning, to try to collect at the page of case-law of our Blog recent (or not so recent, but interesting and little known) cases related to social rights protection.
 A further step would be to try to identify different models of adjudication, based either on different legal basis (for instance, core protection, relation with dignity, proportionality vs. reasonableness, etc.) or even practical arguments.
Of course, I am completely open to any other project we should consider more feasible. The important thing is to start acting as a group.
Best greetings to everybody,

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